torsdag, desember 15, 2011

En kristendiagnose?

Fra sin bok Thruth Aflame siterer forfatteren en interessant tanke fra William H. Willimon, studentprest ved Duke University:
All evidence to the contrary, we continue to sin against Pentecost, Continue to attempt to explain away the disruptive descent of the Spirit. And you know why. The Acts 2 threat that on Sunday we might all gather here in our bolted down pews, with our smug reasonableness, our bourgeois respectability, only to be grabbed by our collective collar, shaken up, thrown into confusion, intoxicated, is not a suggestion we welcome. Most of us come in here to be confirmed in what we think we already know; not to be dislodged, led by the Spirit into terra incognita we do not know. But be careful. As you come to the table today, with open hands, maybe even minds open, be careful. The wind blows where it will (John 3), Gods spirit will not be housebroken by us, and your soul might catch fire, even yet, even here.
I will hate to see nice, respectable people like you with mortgages go out of here drunk. No I wouldn´t.
Til denne kraftsatsen kommenterer L.D.Hart;
Willimon´s delightful, yet disconcerting, diagnosis is disturbingly accurate.
Boken jeg siterer fra har rystet meg positivt mange ganger. Den er på 500 sider og har overgått de fleste karismatiske bøker jeg har lest. Den er ydmyk i sin grunntone samtidig som den forteller at slik er det i Guds rike – ikke at dette burde vi ha!
Tittel: Truth Aflame, A balanced Theology for Evangelicals and Charismatics.
Forfatter:Larry D. Hart. (lett å kjøpe på Amazon)

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