mandag, mai 31, 2010

which church is yours?

Different types of churches – which is yours?

1. Resistant Church.
This Church is not open to change. It may have moral, biblical, or institutional reasons for resisting change.

2. Yesterdays Church.
This church keeps hoping for yesterday to return tomorrow. Members of this church live in the present during the week and in the past during the weekend.

3. Try harder church.
This church does what it did yesterday with more effort today. Members of this church do not wish to change yesterdays´s methods to meet today´s challenges; they believe that yesterday´s methods will work if more people get involved in them.

4. Surrender Church.
This is the church that has lost its purpose for existence. Realizing that it is unable to change, this church chooses to maintain itself until death.

5. Entrepreneurial Church.
An entrepreneurial leader who is willing to take risks starts this type of church. It is not tied to the past or to tradition, which can be its greatest weakness. It has a marketing and consumer orientation. As retention of members is its main focus, this church Can end up in biblical compromise and heresy.

6. Renewing church.
This church sees value in both tradition and progress. It remains true to both revelation and social relevance. This church considers both theology and sociology in its concern for the world around it and has a strategy to reach that world with the good news. The renewing church is also willing to modify its methods to reach its goals.

Mathew K. Thomson in Spirit-Led Ministry In the 21st Century.

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